November 23, 2011

Episode 20 — Adam Novy | Other People with Brad Listi

The guest is Adam Novy, author of the debut novel The Avian Gospels, available now from Short Flight / Long Drive Books, an independent press run by the good people over at Hobart.

“The Avian Gospels has the potential to become a cult classic,” says Publishers Weekly.

Adam and I, we talk about stuff.

Topics of conversation include: birds, birding, reviews, science fiction, false summits, agents, independent presses, Brooklyn, religion, Chicago, the Bible, 9/11, dislocation, South Pasadena, bad teachers, weddings, Jewishness, Medusa, privilege, war, semantics, Hamlet, gods, the process of un-fucking a manuscript, and the fear of getting squashed by the universe.

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February 16, 2012

I got asked if I considered myself experimental, and I said, I guess stupidly, does anybody actually call themselves experimental? And it turns out, a bunch of people, at least on this blog, did, and they were pissed off. (laughs)

Ben Marcus on Other People

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March 23, 2012

Just listened to Brad Listi’s Other People with Ten Thousand Saints author, Eleanor Henderson. Was fascinated, and now can’t start the book soon enough.

If someone had told me the book with the image A cover had a strong story thread of image B, I would have read this book the day it came out! (The again, if they’d designed the cover for someone like me, I would have read it months ago, but it probably wouldn’t have sold half as many as it has…)

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