January 5, 2012

Boudinot! An Appreciation by Aaron Burch | HTMLGIANT

And thus was Hobart #4 created… He introduced me to Laird Hunt and J Robert Lennon and Ray Vukcevich. The issue opens and closes with pieces by Aimee Bender that were inspired by a painting by Marcel Dzama featured on the cover. There’s one of (I think?) Tao Lin’s first stories in print. There’s Stephen Elliott and Robert Lopez and Rick Moody…

I wrote a little appreciation of Ryan Boudinot that turned into a kind of history of Hobart/online lit journals and personal reflection, or something.

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If they spotted the clamshell box on top of the Hobart washer they’d think it was an order somebody never picked up from the takeout window, and if they happened to see that the burger inside had a bit out of it, they’d think it was Woo-jin who had bitten the bite rather than it being a burger that had already had a bite taken out of it.

Blueprints of the Afterlife, Ryan Boudinot

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August 5, 2012

5 reasons to play D&D

speaking of D&D… how about  roundtable discussion regarding role-playing and D&D with Ryan Boudinot, Jeffrey Brown, Paul LaFarge, John Roderick, and conducted by Matthew Simmons? (from Hobart 9)


This is great. A guy shares five reasons he wants his children to play D&D.

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