August 9, 2012

I now step into this area blindly, I do not know what the wound is, I do know that it is old. I do know that it is a hole in my being. I do know it is tender. I do believe that it is unknowable, or at least unable to be articulable.

I do believe you have a wound too. I do believe it is both specific to you and common to everyone.


Charlie Kaufman, killer.

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repeat from The Most Fun Thing

November 9, 2013

Yeah. The end is built in to the beginning. What can you do?

HAZEL, Synechdoche, NY

alarm radio in opening scene:

Good morning, professor.
Hi, Alex.
So, what about it? Why do so many people write about the fall?
Well, I think it’s seen as the beginning of the end, really. If the year is a life, then September, the beginning of fall, is when the bloom is off the rose and things start to die. It’s a melancholy month and maybe because of that, quite beautiful.
Is there something you might read to us? Oh, I’d love to…
Whoever has no house now, will never have one. Whoever is alone will stay alone, Will sit, read, write long letters through the evening And wander the boulevards, up and down, restlessly, while the dry leaves are blowing.

Goodness, that harsh, isn’t it?

Well, perhaps. But truthful.

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