January 24, 2013

a kinda dumb question / is it even worth asking and thinking about stuff like this?

thinking about (finally) starting a personal tumblr, instead of everything i do just being for hobart. should i just “create a new blog,” or is it worth the hassle of having it be a totally different login (w/ diff email, i guess?) for small, silly reasons, like when i follow (like/comment on/reblog, etc.) someone, they’ll see it is *me* following (etc.) them, and maybe follow back, other than it just coming through as the hobart tumblr?

3 notes

3 Notes

  1. harperperennial said: I would do a whole new account so you can follow/like/comment. Simple enough to have two different browsers open at once.
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    I actually regret starting my personal tumblr (this one) though the same account as my first one, because if I follow...
  3. californoir said: Worth the hassle.
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