December 20, 2011

Maker’s Mark Christmas Sweaters

We just got ours!!

Every year, Maker’s Mark Bourbon sends their Maker’s Mark Ambassadors a special holiday gift. Last year, it was the Makers Mark ice ball maker. This year, Maker’s Mark has sent all on their “nice list” of ambassadors a holiday themed sweater to dress up a bottle of Maker’s Bourbon.

Maker’s Mark tells that the sweaters were an idea born from the fact that on Christmas, everyone at the Samuels family wears festive sweaters. So, Maker’s Mark wanted to do the same for their Ambassadors, who Maker’s Mark’s says are “like extended family.” We thought having a sweater to put on your bottle would be a fun twist on this old tradition.

Have you received YOUR sweater from Maker’s Mark yet?

2 notes

2 Notes

  1. mightyflynn said: I got mine, but my bottle of Maker’s is a 1.75 liter, so the sweater’s on the Four Roses Single Barrel. Love it.
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