November 27, 2011

HOBART is here to tell you, yes. Yes, it WAS still enjoyable the seventh time. In fact, if we were going “gorillas” on the first go-through, we were going King Kong style, gorillas x like 99 by the end.

And you thought Jay-Z and Kanye West were crazy when they performed Watch The Throne single “Ni**as in Paris” six times last week in Boston? Well, they have outdone themselves. And, really, I’m not sure why. Is it really still that enjoyable the seventh time? Hell, is it even still fun the third time? Cripes. Anyway, the Throne apparently performed the track seven, SEVEN times during their recent performance in Detroit. (via Jay-Z & Kanye Do ‘Niggas In Paris’ Seven Times In Detroit (Video) | Prefix)

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