August 13, 2014

Hobart :: Women


chloe caldwell’s supa’ hypnotic novella Women available for preorder. (out in October!) check out madison langston’s series of texted ‘blurbs.’ lol also shout out to maddy lang, congrats on her CCM poetry collection, Remember Never to Get Better, forthcoming, 2016! whaddup, mad-lang.

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repeat from fast machine

August 10, 2014

It’s as though Bud Selig consulted with R. A. Dickey on the development of his knuckleball, offering to change the elevation of the mound to showcase its effects.

Big Air - The New Yorker (via aaronburch)

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Talking to Reed also made me realize how stage-managed and, in some senses, artificial the X Games’ vaunted progression can be. One of the signature achievements, on a par with Tony Hawk’s 900, was Travis Pastrana’s double backflip, on a motorcycle, in 2006. “Travis was like, ‘Oh, I need the ramp set up like this,’ ” Reed recalled, explaining that part of his job was to be in regular touch with the show’s talent, to find out what the stars are working on, and to incorporate as much potential for iconic moments into the event program, whether by tweaking the rules or the format. This year, he’d added a quarter-pipe to the freestyle motocross course, at the suggestion of a French rider named Thomas Pagès, who planned to perform a “bike flip”—that is, the bike would rotate in his hands while his head and torso remained still. “We try to make sure we build and position everything, so that they can come in and perform what they want to do,” Reed said. “We like to think we’re good at producing what the athletes are doing.” It’s as though Bud Selig consulted with R. A. Dickey on the development of his knuckleball, offering to change the elevation of the mound to showcase its effects.

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repeat from Aaron Burch

hobart editors aaron burch (left), caleb curtiss (right) with future SF/LD author (summer 2015!) Uzodinma Okehi (middle), nyc july 2014.


hobart editors aaron burch (left), caleb curtiss (right) with future SF/LD author (summer 2015!) Uzodinma Okehi (middle), nyc july 2014.

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repeat from fast machine


Reclined on an alpaca rug, I don’t see
past my fingertips. A sad outline blows smoke
rings toward a rental’s ceiling, composes series
of odes to omnisexual barflies, canticles
meditating on a cricket that lives in the cornice
of my dining room—the poor little ticker,
protesting its heart out, probably starving.
Who else will entertain this philosophical grabass?
On who’s bill? How foppish is this bug,
verdant suit, buttressed legs he rubs together
in song, too often, worrying inseams.
His color sticks reluctantly to exoskeleton.
Watch those legs grind down like pencil lead—
How lording over a single room in a house,
much too large, is like trying to hold a column
of cigarette ash between two fingers.
Indeed, it seemed one long worry, my friend,
but it crumbles; the real worry is.

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repeat from SWINGING AXES

Ya boy got some words up on Hobart last week


Throw some letters together and you got words.

Throw some words together and you poetry.

4 poems by Victor Freeze—11

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repeat from I make Money for a Living

August 9, 2014



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repeat from Dolphin Life

August 7, 2014


If you were a VHS
I wouldn’t rewind you
for the next girl.

Megan Lent from “(you live in my blood you’re a beautiful thing)

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repeat from Stranger in my Brain

August 6, 2014

The Post-South World of Mary Miller | The Los Angeles Review of Books

Mary Miller’s debut collection Big World, published by small press Short Flight/Long Drive in 2009, offers a compelling case study. Miller’s stories of young white women who live in gentrified Southern suburbs often feel as if they could take place anywhere. The characters patronize fast food restaurants, read tabloid magazines, and watch Hollywood movies. They get drunk in karaoke bars, sober up at Mexican restaurants, and follow the Atkins diet. In some stories, Miller gives no place names at all. Others, she locates in Shelbyville or Gatlinburg, Nashville or Pigeon Forge (all in Tennessee; Miller herself is from Mississippi), but those places are populated by “tire stores and ethnic groceries and gas stations” that localize them exactly nowhere.

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Hobart :: Infestations by Steve Anwyll


it feels like i’ve been trying to get something up at hobart forever. when i think about all the rejections i’ve got. jesus. it’s been such a long fight. so it feels good to finally land a punch.

but it wouldn’t have happened without elizabeth ellen. who right now. in my books. is number fucking one.


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repeat from one love…asshole

August 5, 2014


"Four days before starting My Struggle, I reported for jury duty. My fellow prospective jurors and I filled out a brief questionnaire that asked about our occupation (doctor); marital status (married); if we were married, our spouse’s occupation (doctor); if we had children and, if so, their ages (yes, 2 and 18); our highest level of education (M.D.); if we or a family member had ever worked for an insurance agency (no); and our hobbies (jogging, reading). I was among the first 12 selected for interviews. We sat in a room, together and in two rows based on our selection order, and the attorneys for the plaintiff and defendant took turns asking us questions after scanning our survey responses. The woman seated two spots before me had also put down reading as her hobby, because the plaintiff’s attorney asked her what books she liked to read (‘Mysteries,’ she said. ‘Who’s your favorite author?’ he countered. ‘P.D. James,’ she replied, and she was eventually chosen for the jury). I hoped the attorney would ask me what I liked to read, because I thought it would be hilarious to answer ‘lyric essays.’”

"I thought it would be hilarious to answer ‘lyric essays.’”

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